Tasmanian Comorbidity Framework

The following principles have been adopted in the Framework to guide service planning, development and provision for clients with comorbidity:

  • Promotion, prevention and early intervention
  • Client and family involvement
  • A duty of care to all clients regardless of where they present
  • Consistent assessment and management
  • A highly skilled, capable and sustainable multi-disciplinary workforce, and
  • Consultation, collaboration and networking between service providers.

The steering committee will continue to meet to:

  • Oversee issues impacting on the implementation of the Tasmanian Comorbidity Framework.
  • Set standards and guidelines which address the implementation of the Tasmanian Comorbidity Framework.
  • Coordinate the activities in the Government and Non-Government sectors around the Tasmanian Comorbidity Framework.
  • Facilitate communication about Comorbidity activities within the State.

There are currently two main projects progressing under the banner of comorbidity these being:

  • The SMHS Comorbidity Project, which has a working group chaired by Coral Muskett, Executive Director of Nursing in Statewide and Mental Health Services.
  • The Improved Services for People with Drug and Alcohol Problems and Mental Illness (Improved Services Initiative), which is a capacity building project aimed at Non-government AOD organizations.  The initiative, part of the National Action Plan on Mental Health (2006-2011), is funded by the Department of Health and Ageing (DoHA) and in Tasmania is supported by the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Council Cross Sectoral Support and Strategic Partnerships Project (CSSSPP).