Enhancing the client journey: moving towards an Integrated ATOD Service System Position Paper Overview: 1.   Integration means coordinated action, collaboration and partnerships between agencies and professionals, underpinned by a communication framework both within the alcohol, tobacco and other drug (ATOD) specialist system and also with other sectors. Different approaches are required for vertical and horizontal integration […]

Justice and Health

Strengthening Tasmania’s justice response to alcohol and other drug use. Summary Recommendations →  Increased investment into alcohol and other drug treatment services within the Tasmanian Prison Service, including increased in-reach services provided by the community-managed ATOD sector →  Increased resources to provide effective and coordinated through-care for people exiting the prison system, integrated with community-managed AOD […]

Drug Checking

Drug Checking Saves Lives The ATDC supports drug checking based on the evidence of its effectiveness as a harm reduction strategy. The ATDC calls for the convening of an advisory committee of relevant stakeholders and experts to investigate options for trialing drug checking at Tasmania’s music festivals and events. Download Position Paper

ATDC Budget Priority Statement 2021-2022

Investing in Communities and People As the Tasmanian alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) sector recovers from COVID-19 and readies itself for reform, there are immediate opportunities to make a difference. The first priority is to respond to the long standing demand for ATOD treatment, support and education delivered by Tasmanian community-managed organisations. The second […]

Tobacco 21

Tobacco 21 Position Statement Tasmania has the second highest tobacco usage in the country and the ATDC supports any initiatives that seek to reduce the number of people that smoke T21 legislation is a strategy to help prevent and delay the initiation of tobacco product use The ATDC continues to support the introduction of the Public […]

ATDC Submission to Our Healthcare Future

Our submission to Our Healthcare Future: Expand evidence based drug programs in community settings that focus on education, prevention, relapse and which minimise harms associated with substance use. Currently there are missed opportunities contributing to the burden on our hospitals. The ATOD community sector can play a role. Download Submission

ATDC Budget Priority Statement 2020-2021

Consumer Voices and Better Data: Foundations for our Future For the Tasmanian Government State Budget 2020-21, we have identified two key innovations to transform Tasmania’s alcohol, tobacco and other drugs sector: An independent consumer organisation Data-driven decision making, in the form of a shared data framework These represent real change, ensuring a strong foundation for […]

Stigma and Discrimination

Experiences of stigma and discrimination are a common occurrence in the everyday lives of people who use alcohol and other drugs. Stigma related to alcohol and other drug use can be understood as the conditioned negative attitudes, opinions and beliefs held by an individual that people who use drugs are somehow different to all other […]