LEAS Advocate Resources

Lived Experience Advocates (LEAs) are vitally important to understanding the experiences of managing the social and economic challenges associated with substance use and utilising treatment services.

Training for new Lived Experience Advocates (LEAs) includes information on the policies and processes that LEAs need to be aware of when carrying out their role. LEAs are encouraged to contact the Lived Experience Advocate Service Coordinator (LEASC) with any questions about these policies or processes and to stay updated on policy and/or process changes.

Further information on lived experience participation can be found in the ATDC’s Lived Experience Advocate Induction Pack.

LEAS Policies

Diverse Voices Policy

This Policy is aligned with the Lived Experience and Public Participation Statement of Intent endorsed by the ATDC board, and specifically with the commitment that:
“We will periodically seek out new contributors and collaborators, to ensure ongoing diversity of engagement and perspectives”
This Policy provides guidance on how the ATDC’s Lived Experience Advocate Service (LEAS) promotes diverse lived experience voices when assigning volunteer LEA roles.

Finance Policy

Lived Experience Advocates (LEAs) may be paid an honorarium, be provided with Cabcharge vouchers, and/or be reimbursed for expenses associated with volunteering roles. This Policy contains important information for LEAs and others who connect with the Lived Experience Advocate Service (LEAS).

Complaints Policy

The Lived Experience Advocate Service (LEAS) is committed to addressing complaints and disputes effectively. In doing so, the LEAS complaints and disputes process will follow the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness. When addressing complaints, LEAS will operate according to the Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Council (ATDC) Lived Experience Framework and ATDC values. The ATDC may at its discretion alter the manner in which the process outlined in this Policy is conducted to ensure it suits the particular case.


LEAS Volunteer Role Agreement

Please do not edit the pre-filled Role ID. However, if this field is blank, please refer to the email from the LEAS Coordinator for the correct Role ID.

LEAS Claims Form

Please complete this form if you are a Lived Experience Advocate who has completed a role and is now claiming your pre-approved honorarium.