In response to the Christian faith, Anglicare strives to achieve social justice and provide the opportunity for people in need to reach fullness of life. We are guided in this mission by the values of compassion, hope, respect and justice. Our first service opened in 1983 to assist people struggling with debt and low income. Hope is more than wishing for a better future. At Anglicare, we see hope as a confident expectation of positive change. It’s the reason we persevere; as an organisation we respond to complex situations and issues, and deliver support that makes a genuine difference. Anglicare has been serving Tasmanians for 35 years. We’re here for the long-haul, devoted to this place and the people who live here. In the past year, our team has provided support to thousands of local people of all ages and postcodes, and worked for social justice in a range of areas including child welfare, poker machine reform and affordable housing. Visit the Anglicare Tasmania website