Do you know a Sector Champion?

This year there is a new Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug (ATOD) Award- titled the ‘Sector Champion Award’.

This award recognises an outstanding organisation or individual working outside the Tasmanian ATOD sector. This organisation or individual will have made a significant contribution to leading or supporting meaningful change that has benefited an organisation delivering ATOD services and programs, or the broader ATOD sector.

Bit of a mouthful but hopefully you get the drift.

Sometimes (well quite often) it is easy enough to feel like we are climbing a mountain by ourselves but if we look around we can spot those individuals and organisations out there who make an impact in our sector.

It may be, for example, a local police officer, a volunteer Board Director or a nurse in a hospital who contribute their time to make an impact to drive down drug related harm. They may have connections to a local community organisation in regional Tasmania, they may go the extra mile for ATOD clients who present to their work and advocate effectively on their behalf, they may speak to their colleagues and raise awareness of ATOD issues.

Do you know of anyone like this? Allies are important and we should celebrate them.

Go here if you do and nominate them: