Media Release: Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Council Tasmania 2024 election statement

The Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Council Tasmania (ATDC) has sought commitments from all political parties and independent candidates in the 2024 state election to prioritise policies to reduce alcohol and drug-related harm in Tasmania.

ATDC CEO Dr Jackie Hallam said alcohol and other drug services were shrinking across the state, but particularly in regional Tasmania.

“Community-managed services are having to make difficult decisions directly linked to inflation and cost pressures,” she said.

“This means potentially laying off staff and the closure of some programs just to keep their doors open.

“This is against the backdrop of increasing demand for service and greater wait times for Tasmanians to get the assistance they want.”

Dr Hallam said rates of use of alcohol and other drugs in Tasmania were above the national average, and the cost to the health system and the wider community was significant.

“Research shows that evidence-based alcohol and other drug treatment, support and education lowers harm across the community, and helps people to be healthier and connected” she said.

“Community-managed programs reach into our communities, often in areas where there is a lack of other health services such as bulk billing GPs.

“These services are doing the heavy lifting in our communities and need urgent support.”

The ATDC is therefore calling on Tasmanian political leaders to show courage, compassion and to commit to providing the funding required to drive positive change in Tasmania with regard to alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.

“There are abundant opportunities to build on the work underpinning the soon-to-be-released draft Tasmanian Drug Strategy,” Dr Hallam said.

“It is critical that we draw on the latest evidence and listen to those who are directly affected to fund the services that help Tasmanians who need support for alcohol or drug use.”


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