Lived Experience Participation Self-Assessment Review

Do you want to have a better understanding of the experience of people accessing your service?

Do you want a quick way to gain insight into what your organisation has done well in the past and where there a opportunities for improvement?

The Lived Experience Participation Self-Assessment Review is an opportunity to take your organisation through a reflective discussion and improve awareness of current best practice in lived experience participation.

Download the Lived Experience Participation Self-Assessment resource pack to find everything you need to conduct your own review.

Frequently asked questions

If you know where your organisation sits in terms of lived experience participation activity, you already have a head start. This review tool will help clarify what is historically/currently happening, identify areas for improvement and offer strategies to achieve this. You may discover gaps in lived experience participation in areas outside your programs and roles, or engagement activities happening you didn’t know about!

Not at all. Another aim of the review is to measure your organisation’s current capacity for lived experience participation, and that means working to your service’s strengths and finding ways to build on them. All workplaces have areas they could improve on, and this could be your organisation’s first step to increasing lived experience participation.

The short answer is yes! The slightly longer answer is there is a large body of research examining the impacts of lived experience participation on both people with lived experience themselves, and the workforce sector providing the services they use. This is particularly true of the health sector, and especially so with regard to both mental health services, and the alcohol and other drug sector.

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