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Ella van Emmerik

Communications Officer

Don’t be fooled by Ella’s friendly nature and good humour! Underneath the compassion and the fun lies a woman who is driven, curious, and fights fiercely for what she believes in. Ella brings a sparkly newness to the team, and as a recent graduate from UTAS she brings classic and contemporary knowledge into the mix in her role as Communications Officer. Having honed her skills in local organisations such as Tas ICT and Women’s Health Tasmania (as well as providing administrative structure to the joy of Princess-themed parties!) Ella assists the ATDC in the coordination and the creation of evidence-based and accessible content. In her personal life, Ella is also heavily invested in advocating for better health care and acknowledgement of people with endometriosis, and has campaigned for patients rights as a volunteer for a number of years as a result of her own lived experience. Ella is excited to sink her teeth into the role at ATDC, and her history of kicking goals (like completing her degree, or getting her Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do) while living with a chronic health condition proves that this positive, resourceful and tenacious individual can do whatever she sets her mind to!

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Ella van Emmerik ATDC_03

Ella van Emmerik

Communications Officer
She brings classic and contemporary knowledge into the mix in her role as Communications Officer….
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